Tired of managing your automation test machines? Do you spend every other week updating Chrome versions, or maintain multiple VMs that seem to always be needing system updates? Are you having problems scaling the number of tests you can run per hour, per day?

If so (and perhaps even if not), this guide is for you!

We’re going to eliminate those problems and allow for scalability, flexibility, and isolation in your testing setup.

How are we going to do that you may ask? We’re going to run your test suite inside Docker containers!


If you haven’t thought about it much…

Integration testing vs. unit testing

Unit tests are great for testing a function for a specific behavior, if you code right and create your “mocked” dependencies right you can be reasonably assured of your code’s behavior.

But our code doesn’t live in isolation, and we need to make sure all the “parts” are connected and working together in the way we expect. This is where integration tests come in to play.

Charlie Sheen didn’t write unit tests, and look where that got him

A good way to explain the difference would be that a unit test would test that a value (let us say an email for simplicity) passes a test for business logic (possibly a regex…

Most developers new to the NPM or NodeJS ecosystem are unaware of the power 🔌 available to them in the package.json file.

However, this file also is critical to any open or closed source project, as it is the entry point of the application. After working with a few projects I have put together a strategy for managing the file and also for naming conventions of the scripts as well as some helpers to make sure developers are using the correct versions of NPM and NodeJS.

Organizing and naming your scripts

If you’re currently using gulp, bower, or any of the other build systems for…

Image result for vue

We’ve all been there, sitting and writing a great web app with the latest technology only to find ourselves later on, years if we’re lucky, facing an end of support, deprecation warnings, or just a lack of ability to do things in the now “modern” way.

This is why the web is so exciting and also why it can be so hectic sometimes, as can be seen in many articles here on Medium.

Sometimes the best motivation is not a reason why to do something but a reason why not to continue doing something. …

Zachary Leighton

Architect at Tipalti living in Israel trying not to spill tahini on the keyboard

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