7 Reasons To Migrate Your AngularJS App To VueJS

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This is why the web is so exciting and also why it can be so hectic sometimes, as can be seen in many articles here on Medium.

Sometimes the best motivation is not a reason why to do something but a reason why not to continue doing something. So here are 7 reasons to motivate you to switch your application off of AngularJS and onto VueJS!

1 — AngularJS is going out of support, and the clock is ticking

As of the time I’m writing this article, AngularJS has just under 60 days until active development ends and the support period of 3 years begins.

Plus, nobody wants to rush at the last minute… right?

2 — It is becoming increasingly hard to use AngularJS with tools like Webpack

3 — VueJS follows modern standards and design patterns currently being used

4— VueJS has good performance and supports async/await

AngularJS not written with care can have huge performance problems. A common one seen is the number of “watchers” that are on a page or component. These are the things watching properties and cause multiple loops of the digest cycle (when AngularJS re-renders the page).

5 — VueJS has easy to use debugging tools

It has been said that debugging is twice as hard as programming, so obviously tooling in this area can be critical.

6 — The community is growing and has an ecosystem for years to come

7 — Developers want to work with the newest technology, so recruiting will be easier

This applies equally to all of the new frameworks such as React or Angular (not to be confused with AngularJS) and even more “niche” ones like Aurelia, etc.

That my friends, is VueJS.

But! Hey! But why didn’t I choose React or Angular?

Obviously we are all opinionated to one framework, technology or something of the sort. While I openly admit that I am biased towards VueJS, let me try and explain the reason I lean this way.




Architect at Tipalti living in Israel trying not to spill tahini on the keyboard

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Zachary Leighton

Zachary Leighton

Architect at Tipalti living in Israel trying not to spill tahini on the keyboard

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